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Hospitalization During School Holidays


Hi HR Practitioners,

We are a special school. Teachers do not need to come back to work unless there is a need to attend a workshop during the school holidays. If any of the teachers are hospitalized during the school holidays, do we count in the school holiday as Hospitalization Leave or minus out? Please advise.





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If the employee is not required to work on their off day, there is no need for them to submit sick/hospitalization leave certificate.




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I presume he saved medical cost for the company by doing the operation in a supposedly cheaper rate at his country. I would warrant his HL as goodwill.




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From MOM website:-

To qualify for paid sick leave, you must to be certified to be unfit for work by a company-approved doctor or a government doctor. This includes doctors and dentists from approved medical institutions. See also section 89 of the Employment Act.

Hence, it is the company discretion whether to accept the overseas sick leave. Suggest you find out more about the surgery and discuss with his direct supervisor.