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Dear All,

My staff was given a total of 70 working days of Hospitalization leave and had also taken 6 days of the MC from Jan 2017 till to-date. In short, he had already max up his Hospitalization leave of 60 days less 6 days MC taken ie. 54 days Hosp. leave balance. Therefore, 70 days less 54 days of HL entitlement, he has incurred 16 days of NPL.

May I know if he is still entitled to the balance of 8 days MCs for the year?

Await your sharing.




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We follow the Employment Act:

The number of days of paid sick leave you are entitled to depend on your period of service, up to 14 days for outpatient non-hospitalisation leave and 60 days for hospitalisation leave. The 60 days of hospitalisation leave includes the 14 days outpatient sick leave entitlement.




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The employment act provides up to 60 days' paid sick leave. This 60 days' sick leave include the 14 days MCs. I believed the employee has overtaken the sick leave.




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No, as the #s of Medical & Hospitalization Leave is capped at 60 per year (the 60 includes the 14 days of medical leave per year). Log on to the MOM on Sick Leave, you will have the same answer.

Ee Lin



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Not entitled for the remaining 8 days of MC.




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She is no longer entitled to any balance of her sick leave if she has utilised all the hospitalisation leave (54 days). The exceeded hospitalisation leave can be deducted from Annual leave (If any), otherwise, treated as NPL.




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No. Hospitalization leave is inclusive of outpatient leave of 14 days.

For example, if an employee has taken 9 days of outpatient leave, then the balance hospitalization leave will be 51 days.



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