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How should HR handle disagreements

How should HR handle disagreements?

As an HR person, you are bound to find those who disagree with your rules, actions or policies.

The difference of opinion may evolve into conflicts that may persist and cause arguments, quarrels, and animosity within the organisation.

Experts like Tania Israel suggest really listening to the person you disagree with.

By listening, you reflect on what the other person is saying and as a result have a meaningful exchange of ideas.



HR Poll: Listening to the other person reduces disagreements

Agree: 92.50%

Not sure: 7.50%




Listening is a skill and not everyone is good at that. When one is able to fully concentrate on listening and able to cast out internal voice, then one is able to pick up the other party's concern, observe the body language and look out for the 'unspoken words' to understand the real message - Pearl

Listen and understand what the other person's perspective is. Communicate the organization's objective is. Try to come to terms with both parties. Create a mutual understanding and resolution - NJ

Definitely to listen but also exercise caution to past and likely future cases and be consistent - RC

Trying to stand under the other party's viewpoint and clarifying assumptions - P



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