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HR challenges in 2021


As this pandemic reverberates around the world, HR people are called upon to be the firefighters, nurses and counsellors for their organisations and mutate into new roles in the years to come.

We sincerely wish that you will be as resilient as this COVID-who-knows-what-number-now as we yearn for some form of normalcy.

So what challenges are HR practitioners likely to encounter in 2021?



HR Poll: What challenges are HR practitioners going to face in 2021?

Hybrid or flexible work: 52.00%

HR technology: 8.00%

Health and safety: 8.00%

Recruitment: 12.00%

Change management: 12.00%

Diversity and inclusion: 6.00%

Not sure: 2.00%




Adaption of new changes in the way we work had impacted many employees to balance their work from home and tenancy to burn out - AM

Matured workers are likely to face early conclusion of their contracts - CLY

Continues to challenge whatever we face in 2021 - SL


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