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HR Initiatives during COVID-19


Hi HR Community,

I would like to find out how has Covid-19 affected your business and if HR activities has slow down in your organisation?

What are some of the initiatives you would like to take the chance to implement?





Due to COVID 19, activities have reversed.

It increased so much more because you need to consider doing BCP planning, consider thermal screening as a permanent feature to ensure the workplace is safe, job rotating options and using teleconferencing as a tool for interviewing/inter dept meetings, access to central folders etc.

These are things that would never occur during pre-COVID 19.




My company is a regional and was not too affected by the 'Circuit breaker' period as we have had existing flexible working arrangements in place for the past years.

We were also up to speed with telecommuting and we had in place the cloud system and all notebooks pre-configured for staff to work from home at any time.

During the 'Circuit Breaker' when we all had to work from home, we could carry out our respective roles without much problem as using web conferencing was already part and parcel of our work life.

Perhaps the differences were not able to lunch with colleagues and being there for each other in person.

Some steps we implemented a few weeks before the office was required to close, were:

1) Staff to work from home (not go into the office) as soon as they were feeling unwell due to common ailments like cold, cough and fever. We realised it is a good practice as it helps keep germs at bay and protect staff who work in the office.

2) Daily temperature taking at reception and use of sanitiser.

3) Applying safe-distancing in the office by ensuring team members are placed to work on different shifts.

We have realised that the above measures were very helpful in ensuring a safe workforce, moving forward.




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