HR Trends & Concerns

The work done by HR professionals has evolved much more in the past few years when compared with the last ten years. This has been due to the workplace effects of the pandemic and the rapid use of automation.

HR practitioners will therefore need to be aware of the changes taking place and continue providing their employees with the best working environment possible.

What kinds of concerns will HR departments have to manage in 2023?  Is HR shifting more and more towards a digital workplace? How will they enable change, especially with employees continuing to work from home (WFH)?

Listed below are what we believe to be the HR concerns and trends in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Flexible or hybrid working arrangements
  2. Compensating fairly and equitably
  3. Increased automation and artificial intelligence (AI)
  4. Attracting and retaining talent
  5. Work-life balance
  6. Diversity and inclusion
  7. Employee engagement
  8. Training and developing employees

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HR concerns and trends in 2023

Flexible or hybrid working arrangements - 14.85%

Compensating fairly and equitably - 16.83%

Increased automation and artificial intelligence (AI) - 4.95%

Attracting and retaining talent - 18.81%

Work-life balance - 9.90%

Diversity and inclusion - 7.92%

Employee engagement - 13.86%

Training and developing employees - 12.87%



Living costs increase, and employees' or candidates' views of salary expectations also increase. - LKT

Attractive retention policy - Aina

In the healthcare industry, compensation has been very competitive since 2020. Besides working on EVP, the market shift which very much unpredictable. Also, the demand from overseas markets contributes to a concerning trend. - Alice

Rising wages due to a higher inflation rate and the need to balance with business activities. - Cherie

Rising inflation and a possible recession in 2023. 2. Employees are changing jobs for higher pay and this is creating challenges for employers who cannot afford to raise wages and may lose employees to competitors. - Ann

Employee experience. Seamless integration of HR systems and processes across entities in different countries. - Venny

The economy is slowly picking up even though a recession may loom. We need to be stringent with costs. So it is challenging to retain staff who have more work to do. - Marlena

Employee engagement and retaining employees - Evan

The traditional HR model is changing, and HR departments will need to become more agile and responsive to changing business needs. This means adopting new technologies, embracing new ways of working, and collaborating more closely with other functions in the organization. - Agus



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