In additional to professional HR training and certification courses, HRSINGAPORE® also provides HR Consultancy services as well.


Human Resource Departments have a wide area of functions to cover including Recruitment and Selection, Salary Determination, Performance Appraisal Review and Processing, Policy Development, as well as Compensation and Benefits.

Our consultants can assist your HR department to put in place HR processes and procedures to empower your HR personnel tackle issues that crop up time and time again.

We also offer a range of professional services including:

1. Performance Appraisal

We can assist companies by designing a performance appraised process to improve the current measures in order to better appraise employees. To familiarize employees with the system so that they are able to make use of it, in-company training can be provided.

2. Performance Coaching

We provide coaching services that focus on performance formulate models to highlight problems and structure solutions. However, we are aware that one size does not fit all; different organizations have different needs and prospects for improvement. Hence our performance coaches will formulate improvement plans catered specifically for the organization.

The performance coaching consists of four stages, each with a specific purpose.

Stage 1: The coach will meet with the company to gain a better understanding the background of the situation and determine specific objectives and outcomes - measurement of success.

Stage 2: The coach will build a relationship with the company’s employees in order to develop an improvement plan.

Stage 3: The coach will train the employees to help them achieve the goal and for them to continuously pick up new skills to deal with any new issues effectively.

Stage 4: company employees will present the outcome of the Development Plan to the company, with the coach in attendance. In this stage, we can evaluate and assess how effective was the performance coaching for the employee thereby seeking further improvement methods.

Performance Coaching is globally recognized as an effective measure to improve work performance for an organization. On top of that, personal benefits to the individual employee are incurred as well, such as:

  • Identifying and improving the issue that affects their work performance
  • Closing performance gaps
  • Overcoming personal obstacles and barriers
  • Achieving / acquiring new competencies
  • Increasing productivity for both themselves and the team

Interested parties can contact us for a detailed discussion about the needs of your organization so that we can assist in achieving your fullest potential.

3. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Commonly used and clinically-proven, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a psychological treatment used to challenge negative thoughts, feelings or behaviour, lasting for 6 to 12 sessions in three months.

Some of the tell-tale signs of employees requiring help include absence from work or employees who look stressed, over anxious or depressed. Managers can make the referral for an assessment to the Cognitive Behavioural Coach (CBC), who will submit a report to determine the appropriate CBC support, with written consent from the employee. Hence issues originating from the workplace can be effectively identified hence giving the company an opportunity to formulate remedial action.

CBT can be applied on workplace issues such as:

- Avoid and manage stress or anxiety

- Manage moods or self-sabotaging behaviour

- Increase productivity, concentration, communication or confidence

- End procrastination

- Create excitement about goals and goal setting

- Maximize potential


The outcome of CBT is to help employees react more positively to situations so that they can overcome specific problems, increase understanding and self esteem.

Some of the changes include:

- Change of mindset, attitude and behaviour

- Better communication skills with superiors and peers

- Improved management in anger and aggression at work

- Better emotional intelligence in workplace situation

- Increase in state of mind thus decrease in health issues and absent days

- Better stress and time management

If you feel that any individuals in your organization require counseling services, please contact us so that we can assist the individual.