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HRIS proposal and implementation


Dear HR Community,

I have been tasked to propose and implement an HR Information System (HRIS) for my company.

Please advise me, HR practitioners, based on your experience with HRIS that you have implemented in your organisation the following:

1. What modules are essential for any organisation to have e.g. payroll, leave etc

2. What features are worth considering to have and for what reasons.

3. How user-friendly are the systems nowadays?

4. Do you have a to-do list to share for the proposing and implementation?

I hope to hear from HR people who have considered and implemented HRIS for their organisation.

We are in the real estate industry.

Thank you and regards







Hi Lawrence,

The modules that are essential will be:

1. Employee data

2. Payroll

3. Attendance/Leave/MC

Ensure that leave applications and MC modules can be updated by staff directly.

And integrate these records into the payroll module, e.g. when processing payroll it will pick up No Pay Leave and auto deduct $ accordingly

After the payroll run, we usually need to provide the general ledger (GL) report to the Accounts department for them to tie their financial expenses.

So it is better to keep your accounts in the on the desired outcome and format of the report




Hi Lawrence

The essential modules will be:

- Employee master data (personal particulars, join date, salary data, cost centre, position, reporting line etc.)
- Payroll (with payslip & income reporting feature)
- Leave management system

It will be handy for the system to come with employee self-service where the employee can login to apply for leave, check their leave entitlement/balance, download payslips & their IR8A etc.

You will need the following prior to implementation (the HRIS provider will also advise):

- Employee data
- Leave policy (for configuration, eg., % of leave allowed to be carried forward to the following year)
- Salary component such as allowances, whether you’ve flexi benefits etc.
- Your payroll report structure, so that the provider can advise if the system can generate similar

It is also advisable to start your HRIS at the start of the year so that you do not need to input data from prior months for the year. And you probably need to test it concurrently with your current payroll method for a couple of months to ensure the payroll module is error-free.

Best regards,



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