We assist companies to review, develop and update their handbooks and policies by examining the structure, content, language and current legal requirements

Developing or Reviewing Employee Handbooks

The Employee Handbook serves as a key workplace document for both the employers and the employees, regardless of their length of service. A well-written handbook sets forth ​the expectations for employees, and describes what they can expect from ​the company.​ Thus it is critical to ensure that the document is updated with amendments to current legislation, explicitly convey critical policies and procedures for every employee, as well as comparable to what other companies have to offer.

​Employee ​Handbooks should be reviewed every one to three years to ensure the policies and procedures are still relevant and up to date​. Our consultants can assist companies to review their prevailing handbook (or develop new ones) and provide a clear commentary of any problems and potential issues.​ ​​Our consultant ​will also recommend clauses/policies to be included into the handbook to reflect current market practices​.

Our services include:

1. To develop a handy and easy to understand employee handbook for relevance, compliance and applicability​.​

2. Develop the structure and update the existing employee handbook.

3. Address all current policies and practices in the development/revision of the employee handbook.

4. Draft key companies’ policies and procedures.

5. Review legal requirements in writing by ensuring that the employee handbook clauses and items are in compliance with Singapore’s local employment laws.

6. Companies need to provide copies of ​their ​existing staff memos, policies and any relevant documents to ​our consultant​s​ for the purpose of working on the employee handbook.

7. Proposed list of areas/topics to be included in the employee handbook includes:

Terms of ​Employment​, Post Retirement, Re​-Employment​, Performance Review​, Leaves and Public Holidays​, Salary Administration, Medical and Dental Benefits​, Insurances​, Learning and Development​, Grievance Handling Procedure​, Professional Conduct​, Corporate Governance​, ​Overseas Business Trips​, Use of Internet, etc.​

Developing or Reviewing HR Policies and Procedures

HR policies must be easy to understand and apply.

HR ​p​olicies and procedures are as vital as the ​employee ​handbook as it serves as a guideline for management to handle HR and employee-related issues that will impact the company’s operations.

HR ​p​olicies and procedures also serve as guidelines for management to deal with HR queries, staff development, as well as concerns related to company regulations, benefits and practices which impact daily employment operations.

To assist companies to improve their current HR policies, our consultants will examine the structure, content, language of current policies, with cross-referencing to the incumbent legislation requirements, to develop and update the policies such that they are competitive in the market and in accordance to the law.

In essence, our consultants will:

  1. Assess and advise on current HR ​p​olicies and ​p​rocedures​.​
  1. ​Identify and ensure that the policies meet legal requirements​.​
  1. Design and formulate new HR policies and procedures.
  1. Develop HR policies that are in line with​ company's values and directions​.​
  1. ​Improve and streamline existing HR practices​.​

Some of the recommended HR policies could be relating to Employee Hiring procedures, New Employee Orientation, Staff Promotions, Workplace Rules and Guidelines, Employee Discipline Procedures and Misconduct, Termination of Employment Contracts, Exit Interviews etc.

​Our consultants can also assist to review regional ​countries' HR policies for appropriateness, make recommendations and ensure legal compliance with the local laws. Terms of reference for each item will be stated.