Hybrid work policy

Dear HR Community

We are a communications solutions company and we are finding it difficult to get our staff back to work in the office.

It seems that they are still able to be as productive when working from home.

Hence, we have to create a hybrid work policy and seek your views and advice on what information we need and how we might implement it.

Thanking you in advance.



HR Poll: Are you finding it difficult to get your staff back to work in the office?

Yes: 26.42%

No: 33.96%

Sometimes: 30.19%

Not sure: 9.43%




Hello Cindy, I have seen challenges in both my current and previous company: with the best intentions policies have been designed and communicated (e.g., 3 days in the office). The policies have received a lot of resistance and the constantly changing COVID situation doesn't help the implementation.

I believe people are creatures of habit and there is a natural resistance to coming back to the office, now that everybody has been in the home for a while. I believe the trick is to make the office an attractive place to come so that people can see the fun or advantage of going there.

Leaders need to set an example and walk to the floor. Staff needs to be friendly and welcoming (e.g. to the many new people that feel a bit strange).

Also, I suggest easing into it by example setting the expectation low at first, with perhaps one day a week. Once initial resistance is overcome, it needs to be clear what is the long-term expectation of when and how people need to be on site. I suggest leaving teams/functions some flexibility in planning, according to their needs. This will create the need for policies but also solutions, to manage these different plans


Hi Cindy, maybe you can try to start with once or twice/week or biweekly for them to be in the office? They might have anxieties about returning back to the office. Doesn't have to be a full day. Half a day or a few hours is ok too. Baby steps! Good luck! - Zakiyyah



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