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Imposing Fine


Dear HR Professionals,

Are employers allowed to impose a fine for staff being late, not clocking in, not clocking out attendance? The company wants to impose a $10 for every offence and staff are not cooperative on this. Neither can HR just deduct it from salary, correct?

Any other remedies?




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Companies have no authority to impose fines. For lateness, you are allowed to deduct the exact minutes or hours of lateness. The best way to handle lateness amongst staff is to make it the responsibility of each Department Head to take disciplinary action against frequent latecomers. They should be the ones to enforce punctuality standards.




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I do think there are limited items that you could deduct via salary payout and such penalty is not one of them




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Our company policy is very strict on punctuality and staff are well informed that this is one of the factors used in the annual appraisal. Staff are given a grace period of 10 mins for lateness and anything more than 10mins, there will be a salary deduction with the employee acknowledgment. Every lateness is recorded and submitted to Dept Managers regularly. If the staff is frequently late for work, an email from the HR Manager will be sent to the staff with a copy to their Dept Manager. If there is a need, a meeting with the employee will be arranged to understand the reason for lateness.




I do not think that is a good way and enforceable. It's either you deduct salary for lateness or that you take disciplinary action and subsequent termination. If it's clocking in and out the issue, simply tell the employees that will be considered absence no proof or record.