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Incomplete Month Salary Calculation


Hi HR professionals,

Our company starts new staff on a 1 week training under office hour from 830am to 6pm. Subsequently, the staff will be on a fixed shift - 2day 12hr shift, 2day rest, 2day 12hr shift, 2 day rest. Supposedly the staff resigned without completing the full month, let's say join 2 Oct, last day 23 Oct, how would you work out his salary?

Thanks for your help!




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Actually MOM’s formula for incomplete month is regardless of whether they are on shift work or on normal duties. If you based on the formula, you just need to use their gross salary for the month, divided by the total working days in that month, inclusive of public holidays. Then multiply by the days that the staff actually worked (inclusive of the public holidays that he/she enjoyed after he/she starts work).