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Independent contractor interns


Dear HR Community Subscribers,

We currently hire interns directly from the labour market as independent contractors under a contract for service.

As such they are not entitled to CPF, annual leave, etc.

Does this infringe the Employment Act?

We are in the IT industry.

Thank you for your advice and help in advance.




HR Poll: Does hiring interns as independent contractors breach the EA?

Yes: 35.29%

No: 52.94%

Not sure: 11.76%




CPF contribution is mandatory, as long as they are employed. Did you check CPF's policy? - Erin

Hi Has,
(A) If the intern is hired directly, and under contract for service, then they should be treated as regular employees covered by Employment Act.
(B) If the work arrangement is under a compulsory training programme which your company arranged with the school/universities, then these interns are not covered by Employment Act.
For case (A): There are conditions for CPF Exemptions. You should refer to the CPF website. - Idah

Only if under a school curriculum or programme can CPF be exempted. - Rina

1) Interns from school or external are paid a token, not salary 2) Independent contractors are paid a fee, not salary as such no CPF or benefits. - Pearl



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