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Dear HR Practitioners,

Would like to seek advice of common practices for:

1. Interns leave entitlement
- Does your company provide MCs and for how many days?
- Are interns entitled to any leave benefits? If yes how many days and what are the reasons for granting leave?

2. Fresh grads graduation time off
- Does your company provide fresh grads day-off for them to attend their convocation? If yes, is it on a half day or whole day off basis?

Thank you.





1a. Entitlement as per employment act for MC.

1b. Entitlement as per employment act for AL, however we will inform interns to declare all leave taking intention during interview, as no leave application will be approved during their internship, unless it is emergency.

2a. Leave taking intention during probation period is taken during interview, if it was accepted then it will be given, if not inform, the approval base on the department ability to let the employee to go on leave during that period. Not additional leave are granted for that purpose.





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