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Issuing Warning Letters


Hello HR practitioners,

For those whose companies issue warning letters to staff. Do staff need to accept these letters by signing acknowledgement for them? Also, what do you do when the staff concern refuse to acknowledge the warning letter?

Thank you.






The letter need to be acknowledge by the staff but it may need to forms of progressive discipline or forms of corrective actions before the issuance of written warning letter. If that corrective matters is already been done, in the case that if they refuse, explain to them and give the evidence in the event that this person is not performing or non-compliance.

Hopes its clarify.





Yes, I make sure staff signs an acknowledgement on the consequences if they continue in their unacceptable bahaviour





Once warning letter is issued, it is for documentation in their file for improvement. It is up to the company to guide them for the improvement but if no changes or still not up to the company’s expectation, 2nd warning letter will be issued till the 3rd one and the company can opt for dismissal. Just to be on the safe side, you can ask the labour law department whether it is safe to dismiss this person. It is not up to the staff to accept or acknowledge a warning letter, so no signatory is needed, 2 copies issued, one for the staff and one for their file.





Our practice here is to explain to the employee the content of the letter to make him/her understand. Usually we will tell employee that signing is just an acknowledgement of received of letter. It will be good for the employee to sign if not to write date, or to have witnesses may help.




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