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Itemised Payslip


Dear HR Professionals,

I would like to check on how does SME/startup companies deal with the monthly payslips. Do we have to email each employee every month on their payslips?

We are a startup company with no HR system for an employee to access their payslip and hence we have to do it manually and creating an individual folder with access for them to view their own payslips. Could we consider this as another method in sending them their payslips? Is there a mandatory rule that we need to email them every month for their payslips?

Please advise.

Thank you.




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We need to look into the technology, cost, wasted time. The present technical world has created an option to maximize profits and extending varied services, in compliance with statutory requirements.

A lot of payroll software is available wherein it comes with employee self-service portal, wherein employee can log in and see their monthly payslip, tax computation, their personal details, to claim their reimbursement, event to raise their payroll related queries.




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You may email the payslip to them.




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Our company uses cloud-based HR software for SMEs. This system can manage the Payroll, Leave and even time clocks. We use the Payroll and Leave modules.