Key Employee Profit Sharing

Dear HR Community Members,

My company is looking into Profit Sharing rewards for my key employees in the company. This group of employees are still entitled to the variable bonus.

May I have your opinions and advice on the following:

1. Is the point form such as 1 point for Finance and HR key personnel, 2 points for Business Dev and 3 points for Management a norm?

2. Is the months form common too? Such as 1 month for Finance and HR, 2 months for Business Dev and 3 months for Management.

Are there any other factors to note while implementing a profit-sharing scheme?

We are a local SME.


E Lee



HR Poll: The norm for key employee profit sharing is:

1. 21.43%

2. 14.29%

Not sure 28.57%

None of the above 35.71%




You may want to consult with finance department on the models for profit sharing. - Ann



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