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Late for Work Due to Public Transport Disruptions


Dear HR Professionals,

Of late there are a lot of train delays or heavy traffic on the road that make it difficult for our employees to come to work on time. Our director had instructed all the employees to be punctual, yet still have a few of the staff unable to reach office on time (our office hours start at 8.30am) one of our senior managers commented that the company can claim from LTA for the employees who are late due to public transport or heavy traffic on the road. I would like to know is there any new clause or programme being introduced by our Singapore Government on this?

Thank you.




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I only know that the government could penalize the public transporter for the delay. I also knew that commuters could claim from the provider for a free ride on another transport mode. But for Company to claim, very difficult. Only staffs want to claim from companies for the lateness deduction in payroll time attendance.




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Probably you have to view this based on individual attendance in order to be fair to everyone. If this particular person always punctual and he/she is able to provide the support from the forum or proof, why not? However, there is one who always late no matter which day it was, then your HR needs to address this issue and highlight to him or her.




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No such practice and no such law for such inconveniences as transport delays. However, we can refer to Murphy's law - Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.