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Late for Work Due to Train Breakdown


Hi all,

If your staff comes in late due to the MRT train fault, do you request that your staff stay back to make-up for the time that the staff was late? They are usually 15 to 30 mins late so far. Do you also verify that the train system is down through the transport company websites, and take note of the frequency of the lateness, to prevent any possible abuse?






You can request your staff to take the late chit from the MRT Station. It will be given out at the passenger service during breakdowns. We do not fault our staff and never request them to stay back as the train breakdowns are beyond their control. Without the late excuse chit, then you can proceed to deduct their salary based on their per hour rate in accordance with MOM regulation, i.e. 30 mins late deduct 30 mins of salary.





If staff is late due to a train breakdown, we do not require them to make up for the lateness. Normally the staff is able to get hard copy notice of the breakdown from SMRT staff. We will use that to justify their lateness and no salary deduction will be made.

Munjit Kaur




Good Relations between the Employer & Employees could be appreciated under such situations: Where are integrity, trust, and communication channels under unforeseen situations?

1. Do you request that your staff stay back to make up for the time that the staff was late?
Why be seen as petty when it is beyond their judgement call?

2. Verify that the train system is down through the transport company websites.
Good to be upfront about what’s happening but beware if your intent is a pure lack of trust though.

3. Take note of the frequency of the lateness
You may wish to add to your Company’s policies.

4. To prevent any possible abuse.
Good yet so far are there “abuses already found” from MRT train or bus delays?





MRT issues excuse chit during the breakdown, upon request. Our staff is required to produce this chit to HR Dept. so that their salary will not be deducted for lateness.





No, make up for lateness as it is due to public transport breakdown. Such breakdown information is easily available from the company website/ social media.





If lateness is due to a train fault then there are no necessities for employees to stay back to work the 15-30 minutes. Well, it is advisable to check with SMRT if it happens very frequently and follow up with future action requesting said employee to leave the house 15 minutes earlier.




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