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Leave Arrangements for COVID-19


Hi HR Professionals,

In view of the current COVID-19 situation, I would like to ask what special arrangements does your company adopt for Sick Leave & Hospitalisation Leave Entitlements? Have you already thought of whether to increase Sick Leave / Hospitalisation Leave entitlement for your staff since the GPs are going to issue 5 days MCs for flu-like symptoms? If fact, we already have our first colleague who was given a 5-day MC.





Employers may adopt flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting and teleconferencing, to allow employees on LOA/SHN to work from home.

If remote working is not possible, employers are encouraged to provide additional paid leave on top of employees’ annual leave entitlements for the LOA/SHN, especially if the travel was work-related. If that is not feasible, employers can consider the following options, or a combination of the options, for the employees on LOA/SHN:

Treat employees’ LOA/SHN as paid hospitalisation leave or paid outpatient sick leave;
Allow employees to apply for annual leave; Allow employees to use advanced paid leave or apply for no pay leave, for employees who have used up their leave entitlements; or Other mutually agreed arrangements between the employers and employees/unions.

Employers and employees have a joint duty to ensure that employees behave responsibly during the LOA period. MOM reserves the right to take action against the employer or employee, if they fail to discharge their duty.




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