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Leave-in-Lieu of Public Holiday


Hi HR Professionals,

One of my staff works on a 4-day work week, which is typically from Monday to Thursday. If a Public Holiday falls on a Friday, will the staff be entitled any leave-in-lieu?




You can give him or her pro-rated leave-in-lieu according to weekly working hours or alternatively you can pay him or her pro-rated paid PH (all employees are entitled paid PH under EA).




It depends on the HR Policy and Employment Contract. If mentioned, entitled and enjoy it.




At 32 working hours per week (I assume it is 8 hours per day), he would be considered a part-time employee which is defined as those working less than 35 hours per week.

His PH should be pro-rated according to the part-time employment regulations.

The formula to do it and its terms and conditions are all spelt at the following website:



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