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Leave Taking without Management Approval


Dear HR professionals,

Would like to hear opinions regarding leave-taking without manager / superior approval. Received feedback from staff - why need to approve since it is an entitlement and for MC, it cannot be rejected.

Thank you




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I think it depends on your company's policy. Whether it was explicitly mentioned that employees will need prior approval before going on leave.

E.g. For our company, we are quite flexible on urgent leave etc. If an employee has something urgent to attend to and needs to take urgent leave, we will let them do so and they can come back and apply in the leave system. They will have to ensure that there's either someone to cover them during their absence, remain contactable or that their absence does not impact on work too greatly.

However, for the usual annual leave, we do state that although it is an entitlement, employees will still need to write an email to their HOD/ Project Manager and copy the HR dept to get the approval before applying in the leave system/ making travel plans. Failing to do so would mean that the HOD or HR has the right to get the employee to cancel their leave plans and come back to work. Medical Leaves will be approved as long as they produce a valid medical certificate and does not exceed the 14 days given.




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MC can be rejected even though it’s an entitlement. It can be rejected on the basis that:

- Not recognised MC (Example - Unregistered practitioners such as TCM or from overseas)
- Unable to provide documents to prove that the absence is legitimate
- Exceeded the maximum entitlement of 14 days MC hence it will be unpaid leave
- Staff not entitled as not confirmed at the time of application

The above will also serve as the reason for rejecting AL. Hope it helps.




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Getting management approval serves as notify action to management so management can make the necessary arrangement. Although it was an entitlement and unable to reject, it still requires monitoring to prevent employee to abuse it.

Kim Hou



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Simply cite the employment Act - based on mutual agreement. On a side note, how can a company operate if it is not necessary for leave to be approved?