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Dear HR Practitioners,

Our company do not usually reimburse for taxi between home and customer site however we have engineers who need to travel frequently to customer site to provide 8-5 onsite support. They do not have a car so they are not eligible for car allowance. May I know if your company have similar situation and how does your company let them claim? Does your company provide transport allowance instead? If yes, how much do you pay?

Does your company allow employees to claim taxi between home and training centres if they go for full day company-sponsored courses?

Appreciate if you could share your company’s practice.

Thank you.





Our company has a corporate Grab account for usage as below:

1. Leave/go site after 9 pm (for site base employee with no OT claim)
2. Leave office after 9 pm (for office base employee with no OT claim)
3. Attend work/project related matters (to & from office only)
4. On weekend for work/project related (to office/ project site only)
5. Other reason prior admin manager approval.

If an employee is not able to use the corporate grab and take a public cab on the above-mentioned occasion, they are allowed to claim and no limit.

We also do not reimburse for a taxi between home and customer site--as this is considered going to work similarly to other staff. But subsequently leave customer site to the office is claimable (or using grab under clause 3.





We have transport claim policy as such:

1. Home to site (within working hours) not claimable.
2. Site to home (within working hours) not claimable.
3. Office to site, site to site claimable.
4. Required to be to be onsite not within working hours is claimable.






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