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Loss of Office Access Card


Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

Do you have a policy in place for loss of access card to the office?

Do you levy a penalty on the staff for the replacement card and what is the amount?

Appreciate your sharing.




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We have a policy for access card, the employee is to acknowledge receipt of an access card and undertaking to handle the card carefully, do not pass the card to another person including fellow colleague ...etc. The employee has to notify his/her immediate supervisor, HR personnel and/or management immediately of the loss of access card. The employee has to pay an administrative fee of not less than S$50/- for replacement of the card.




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There is a penalty of $20 for a replacement card due to loss/misplaced. $20 is for the hardware, admin & programming efforts.




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My company charges $20 for the replacement.




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Yes, we do impose a $30 for card replacement, this is usually conveyed during employee's orientation, and to prevent abuse of the system.




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$20 to cover the cost of a replacement card, we have it printed at the back of the card too.




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Even though my company does not have an access card, but we do have a staff card for each confirmed staff. However, if the card is lost/damaged, we do require them to pay $10 per card, to reprint a new card.




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We will impose a $10 replacement fee.

Mee Tin



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Yes, if the employee lost an access card, they are liable to replace it at S$50. But this had been informed to them on their first day and they had signed a company property agreement If your staff had not been informed before, they might argue against it