Making Employees Whole Again

HR professionals have been stretched from one end of the pendulum to the other by the pandemic these past few years.

And now that the slew of Covid measures are no longer pre-occupying HR practitioners here, they can focus on their real purpose - improving the employee-employer relationship.

Many HR experts have blogged dozens of ways to do this but it will be much more significant to know what HR practitioners are doing or planning to do.

Some of the tried and true ways to make employees more productive again include employee engagement or re-engagement, corporate culture, flexible work arrangements, professional development, great leadership, recognition and rewards.

So the question is what we as HR leaders and business partners should zero in on. (Please participate in the poll below and give your comments to benefit all HR people)

Let's all hope (some of us will pray) that we can move forward with our efforts to make our employees and consequently organisations whole again before any monkey business by monkeypox.



HR Poll: What should HR concentrate on today in organisations?

Engagement or Re-engagement: 39.39%

Corporate Culture: 4.55%

Flexible Work Arrangements: 28.79%

Professional Development: 7.58%

Great Leadership: 6.06%

Recognition and rewards: 13.64%




We still allow staff to work from home 40% of their time. - Edna

Focusing on employee engagement during the pandemic and post-pandemic and have piloted flexible work arrangements such as hybrid work. - Ann

We have re-looked at our rewards and recognition program for better staff engagement. At the same time, we do offer Flexi-work arrangements for those staff who wish to continue to work from home as part of staff benefits. KPI to be determined by their immediate superior. - YL

We are planning to do Employee Workplace Happiness Survey to get the satisfaction level of employees. - LSC



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