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Dear Fellow HR Practitioners,

Do you happen to have any staff who is stuck in Malaysia due to the MCO and unable to return to Singapore? I have a Malaysian staff who is also a Singapore PR and he was on leave from 16 Mar to 24 Mar. However, when the lockdown announced he did not return to Singapore (he commutes daily between Singapore and Johore).

Would like to hear from fellow practitioners how should his absence from the 25 Mar onwards till 28 Apr (assuming that the MCO is lifted by then) be treated. Should it be considered as annual leave and in the event that he annual leave is fully utilised, then to place him on no-pay leave (this was our original intention). Or not to deduct any annual leave or no pay leave and grant him additional leave in view of the unforeseen circumstances.

Greatly appreciate some advice on how best to manage this situation.

Thank You.

Best Regards,





We allow the employee to work from home (in JB) using his personal laptop.

This is on condition that his work can be done from home.





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