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Dear HR Professionals,

Our company is in the retail business and has workers from Malaysia working for us on work permits.

Since the circuit breaker, the work permit of one of them has expired and we do not wish to renew it given the current economic outlook.

Unfortunately, she is unable to return due to the movement control order (MCO) which still affects her hometown.

And I have already notified MOM to cancel her work permit so she has to go back in seven (7) days.

Since she is likely to be able to return in July, can we request that she stay longer than the 7 days?

Thank you!







She should have been given 30 days when the visa was cancelled.

You can get extensions for up to another 30 days if they can’t return to the home country but you will need to apply for this for her.




Dear Elly,

Don't worry about it.

The portal will not cancel permits now.

Even after Malaysians have permission to go back perhaps nearer to Johore Bahru (JB)  or even after they left Singapore, the appeal for cancellation will not be accorded.

Luckily, the levy was waived last month.



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