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Malaysian Workers During COVID-19


Dear Fellow HR practitioners,

I would like to seek for your help with this benchmarking with companies in O&G for the following questions:

1. Do you have Malaysian workers opted to stay in Singapore?

2. Type of Accommodation given.

3. How much is the daily allowance given?

4. For those who have provided hotel stay, what is your plan if the Malasia lockdown is prolonged for another month or two?
a. are you considering to get an HDB?
b. provide them housing allowance and let them find their own bed space?
c. convert office facilities to temporary living quarters?

Your reply is highly appreciated!
Thank you!







Yes, we do have Malaysian workers now in Malaysia wanting to return to Singapore.

We only allow if they are able to find “long term” accommodation as our advice to staff is that in view of evolving outcome of COVID-19, there are too many uncertainties thus the company can arrange stay during “SHN” compliance.

However it is not feasible for company to arrange accommodation beyond 14 days SHN, staff need to find a more permanent accommodation before we able to bring them back to SIN.




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