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Marriage Leave


Dear all,

We would like to find out more about the norm for Marriage Leave in Singapore. If your company do offer Marriage Leave to employees;

1)  How many days?

2)  Do you verify against the Marriage Certificate?

3)  Must the leaves be surrounding the Marriage Certificate date (if the Company offers more than 1 day of Marriage Leave?

Appreciate if you could share.




Reply 1

3-Days Marriage Leave. Marriage Certificate Required. Staff can take it either on ROM or Ceremony




Reply 2

Confirmed employees will be granted paid marriage leave of 3 working days. Marriage leave will be granted only once in their employment with the company. Employees are required to submit the Marriage Certificate as proof for such leave application. Marriage leave shall be taken within a year after ROM.




Reply 3

We offer 3 days marriage leave, applicable for 1st legal marriage.

The employee needs to submit his marriage certificate.

Marriage leave must be consumed continuously within 1 year from the ROM date.




Reply 4

Marriage leave for 2 companies I know is 3 days, with Marriage certificate as proof. It is applied only for the first marriage. It must be taken near the wedding date.




Reply 5

My company has 3 days Marriage Leave for employees to apply, eligible only during their 1st year of marriage. So the ROM Marriage certificate is vital for this marriage leave application.




Reply 6

1) 3 working days for 1st legal marriage only.

2) Yes.

3) Not necessarily as an employee might go through customary ceremony later. But cannot take same leave for solemnization and customary.




Reply 7

The confirmed employee will be granted with 2 consecutive working days of marriage leave for FIRST legal marriage only. Employee to submit an authenticated certificate or any other evidence of such marriage. The marriage leave shall be taken within 1 month from the date of solemnization of the marriage or at time of traditional marriage.




Reply 8

Granted 2 days, first legal marriage only. Need to verify against the Marriage Certificate.



Reply 9

Our company Marriage Leave read as follow:

This leave applies to all staff (staff who have tendered resignation or being served notice of termination are not eligible).

1. Staff are eligible for 3 days marriage leave for first marriage provided the marriage is registered while the staff is working with the company.

2. If the ROM date differs from marriage customary date, marriage leave will only be granted once.

3. A copy of the marriage certificate to be submitted for verification/record purposes.



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