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Maternity Benefits for Foreigners


Dear All,

Do your company extend maternity leave benefits for your foreign employees (mainly a white collar work environment)? The foreign employee does not meet any of the requirements under the MOM regulations. All my ex-companies extended it to the foreign employees but not the current one and I have difficulties convincing them based on just what I said/ my past experiences, therefore I need some 'science' data to support it.

If your company supports this, do you give the full 16 weeks maternity leave, the same as what the locals get or only a certain weeks of entitlement? Hope you can advise me please. Thanks in advance!


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We emphasized Fair Employment Practices hence we grant basic maternity leave to foreign employee, ie. 8 weeks. This 8 weeks is the employer obligatory under Employment Act.


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Under MOM, they are entitled for 8 weeks of maternity leave

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My company allows 16 weeks of maternity leave for foreigners with 8 weeks paid by the employer and 8 weeks unpaid. In this way the company does not pay out more than 2 months of salary ( which in the regular case of 12 weeks of maternity leave also the company bears) and by extending it makes the employee feel associated with the organization and thus improves engagement and creates good will for the organization.


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You can check out the MOM website for the maternity benefits for foreigners.



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Apparently you’ve visited and know MOM’s recommended regulations on this issue.

a. Understand your company’s T&C of Employment Contract;
b. Was it deliberated at any stage when she informed company of her pregnancy?
c. Present your recommendation [facts & goodwill] to your HRM/stakeholders for consideration;
d. Your stakeholders make the final call.



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