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Maternity Leave for Foreigners


Dear HR Professionals,

I would like to find out about other companies' practice on Maternity Leave for Foreigners. They are entitled to 12 weeks of Maternity Leave, does your Company treat the last 4 weeks as paid or unpaid Maternity Leave?




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We grant 12 weeks Maternity Leave (with 8 weeks Paid Maternity) when the child is not Singaporean
provided (1) staff have worked with us for at least 3 continuous months before birth and (2) staff have fewer than 2 living children at the time of delivery.




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Out of the 12 weeks entitlement under the EA, the last four weeks are unpaid. Of course, employers can have more favourable terms.




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For us the last 4 weeks (out of 12 weeks) unpaid. So far have not heard of an employer paying foreign employees 12 weeks of maternity leave as a company's policy.