Mature Worker CPF

Dear HR Community,

In Singapore, workers aged 55 and above who are still employed are required to continue making CPF contributions.

However, the contribution rates for these workers are lower than those for younger workers.

We have three employees who are now 55 and above.

As we now pay lower Employer’s CPF 14.5%, they request that the company match the payment to 17%.

May I know if the company is obligated to compensate these employees who are now 55 and above?

We are in the healthcare industry.

Any thoughts to share?

Thank you for your feedback/ suggestions.

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Are companies obligated to compensate mature workers for the lower CPF contribution rates?

Yes: 4.00%

No: 86.00%

Perhaps: 2.00%

Not Sure: 8.00%


CPF contributions by age group is a CPF policy and we cannot override the policy. You can however make voluntary contributions to their accounts besides the mandatory contributions. Would be good for you to visit/call CPF to find out more. – Jit

No, it’s not mandatory. – Alice

There are also employees above 60 or 65 who receive even lower ER CPF, is your company going to match their CPF with the <55 tier? – Angie

Just follow CPF regulations. These rates are regulated by the Government. We have to be mindful to also manage the employer’s overall CPF cost as there are increases in CPF contribution for other age bands. – Lucy

It is voluntary on the part of the employer. But if you do this, it has to be done with the other bands with lower CPF in order to remain fair and consistent. – Irene

Employers should still accord 17% to them as long as they are still working due to the inflation and rising costs of living standards. – Jac

It will be a good gesture on the company’s part if they match up. Otherwise, companies are not obligated to match up. – Esther

We are not obligated to. – LCT

The company is not obligated to compensate for the change in CPF, CPF is a policy set forth by the government. What is the basis of their request? I can only foresee under the following circumstance why staff would request compensation: The company made offers to staff inclusive of the ER portion of CPF as part of the remuneration package when it is at 17%. – Hans

If there’s a change of policy and the company is to pay a higher employer’s CPF will your employees agree to compensate the employer? It is a surely NO. The company is not obligated. – Alvin

The company is not obligated and it is more on a voluntary basis.

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