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MC and Sick Leave


Dear HR Practitioners,

As per Employment Act, the number of days of paid sick leave are entitled to if the staff have worked for more then 6 months are 14 days outpatient non-hospitalization leave and 60 days for hospitalization leave, The 60 days of hospitalization leave includes the 14 days outpatient sick leave entitlement.

However, it has been a common practice that if the employee have taken 20 days of hospitalization leave, normally we will deduct off the 14 days outpatient sick leave first. Now, employee is arguing that they are allow take 14 days of the medical leave. There is no ruling in MOM on this. Kindly advise.





Under Employment Act, the employee is entitled to MC 14, Hospitalisation leave up to 60 (including 14 days MC). When given Hospitalisation leave, you will utilise the hospitalisation leave, not the MC entitlement, as it is not MC. Hence your employee is not wrong when ask for MC when he only utilised the Hospitalisation leave thus far.





Under the Employment Act, please note that the outpatient sick leave and hospitalization leave are different. If staff is given hospitalization leave, you should deduct not be deducting from the 14 days outpatient leave that the staff is entitled. You staff is right, they are entitled to take the 14 days of outpatient leave.





It is interesting to note that you mentioned that Medical leaves of 14 days are deducted from hospitalization leaves. We do not practice this.





If the doctor indicates hospitalisation leave, it should be treated as such. Do not think employers can just change to outpatient sick leave.




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