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Dear HR Professionals,

Would like to check if the staff knew that he has to attend medical appointment on certain day but did not apply leave and inform their superior only on the actual day that they will be on MC due to the medical appointment.

Is this a norm practice to all? Has anyone encounter and whether will you recognize the MC in this situation?

Thank you.



Reply 1

My Company practice would be Staff needs to inform the HR dept. of his /her next medical appointment so that the info & date will be logged in the system and reflected in the staff calendar so all are aware that this personnel will be on medical appointment that particular day.

The staff needs to inform the HR dept. immediately if his/her MC given is more than a day else he / she will need to submit the MC to HR dept the following day to work.

If no MC is produced, than HR will take in as AL deduction.


Reply 2

MC is recognised. If no MC provided, HR can advise staff to get a medical time-off chit for the hours spent on their medical check up.

HR can send a memo informing staff to alert ROs prior going for a planned medical check up.
State the notice period required, eg at least 3 days before. Explain to staff on the need of keeping ROs in the loop about their appointment, which will maintain a positive professional relationship and ensure their work and that of their covering officer stays on schedule.


Reply 3

For me there are 2 separate issues here:

a) We grant time off to employees for medical appointment, but we remind them to pre-inform their superior in advance, as early as possible, of such appointment.

b) We recognize MC issued by all legally registered medical practitioners.


Reply 4

My company grant time-off/day-off for medical appointments. Staff can get a time sheet from the clinic/hospital & submit to company if available. No deduction of MC.


Reply 5

Once the staff receive the medical appointment schedule (which is usually before the appointment date), they will submit the appointment schedule to their department in-charge for their acknowledgement and this copy will forward to HR for keeping. On the actual appointment date, if they are granted MC, the Company will accept.


Reply 6

Staff usually will inform superior and HR early (cause it is by appointment). When they are back they will submit as Medical Leave.



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