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Medical Appointment


Dear HR Professionals,

Would like to check if the staff knew that he has to attend a medical appointment on a certain day but did not apply for leave and inform their superior only on the actual day that they will be on MC due to the medical appointment.

Is this a normal practice to all? Has anyone encountered and whether will you recognize the MC in this situation?

Thank you.




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My Company practice would be the Staff needs to inform the HR dept. of his /her next medical appointment so that the info & date will be logged in the system and reflected in the staff calendar so all are aware that this person will be on a medical appointment that particular day.

The staff needs to inform the HR dept. immediately if his/her MC was given is more than a day else he/she will need to submit the MC to HR dept the following day to work.

If no MC is produced than HR will take in as AL deduction.




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MC is recognised. If no MC provided, HR can advise staff to get a medical time-off chit for the hours spent on their medical checkup.

HR can send a memo informing staff to alert ROs prior to going for a planned medical checkup.
State the notice period required, eg at least 3 days before. Explain to staff on the need of keeping ROs in the loop about their appointment, which will maintain a positive professional relationship and ensure their work and that of their covering officer stays on schedule.




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For me there are 2 separate issues here:

a) We grant time off to employees for a medical appointment, but we remind them to pre-inform their superior in advance, as early as possible, of such appointment.

b) We recognize MC issued by all legally registered medical practitioners.




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My company grant time-off/day-off for medical appointments. Staff can get a time sheet from the clinic/hospital & submit to the company if available. No deduction of MC.




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Once the staff receive the medical appointment schedule (which is usually before the appointment date), they will submit the appointment schedule to their department in-charge for their acknowledgement and this copy will forward to HR for keeping. On the actual appointment date, if they are granted MC, the Company will accept.




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Staff usually will inform superior and HR early (cause it is by appointment). When they are back they will submit as Medical Leave.