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Medical Benefit for Staff Unfit to Work


Dear HR Professionals,

Our staff was certified medically unfit to work for 1 year. We paid him full salary for 6 months and then 6 months on half-pay. I would like to know your company's practice with regards to medical outpatient and dental benefits for staff in such a situation. Will he/she still entitled to such benefits and if so, how much would be reasonable percentage for such benefits?




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There are two separate issues in your question.

The first regarding continuous salary payment in which there is no rule. Company to decide. Keep in mind progressive HR practices though.

As for medical and related benefits, entitlements are still payable since the said person is your employee just like any other employees The computation should still be based on your company's policies without any change because the contractual relationships as employer and employee is in still existence, In fact, there should be no discriminatory practices from the perspective of progressive HR practices.




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It is very much depend on each individual company’s policy. For us, we allow the employee to enjoy certain selective staff benefits. They are able enjoy the outpatient medical benefit but not dental benefit.