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Medical Benefits Claims



Dear HR Professionals,

Currently, my company practices on a flexible scheme by 'giving' each employee $x, they can go to the company's panel doc without payment or any preferred GP and reimburse after that. But whatever amt they utilize at the panel or preferred GP, we will deduct from their 'given' $x till they fully utilized within the FY.

In the event, they tender their resignation, we will pro-rate and recover the over-consumed amount.

Is this the usual practice currently?




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Yes, my company doing the same thing. It will go by pro-rate for the medical claim if he/she leaving the company.




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We practise the same but for staff resigning, we do not pro-rate for medical expense used or claw-back.




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We used to have the same practice except we do not pro-rate the benefit when they resigned.

Now we move to medical outpatient insurance coverage. There is no annual cap on consumption and there is no administrative hassle of claiming reimbursement.