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Medical Benefits in Myanmar


Dear HR Practitioners,

I understand that in Myanmar, the Social Security Scheme takes care of medical cover for staff. But I would like to know whether that is the normal market practice. Do companies provide private cover and if they do, what kind of cover limit? For example one of our subsidiaries gives up to MMK 130K per year but I do not know whether this is in line with the market.

Appreciate your kind advice.

Sau Lan




In Myanmar, the Social Security Board (SSB) takes care of medical cover for staff. According to SSB rules, employee monthly subscribes 2% of salary (not exceeding 6,000MMK) and employer monthly subscribes 3% of staff salary (not exceeding 9,000MMK) as SSB monthly subscription fee. The compensation amount is 9,000,000MMK if fatal. SSB is mandatory for both employee and employer.

Moreover, most companies provide Group Life Insurance for their staff at Insurance companies. The premium fee differs from package to package. Most of them usually buy Group Life Insurance Policy for basic package-50,000MMK as an annual subscription fee, flexible to change beneficiary name several times (up to 100 times per year), the maximum compensation amount is 5,000,000MMK if fatal. Insurance is optional. It is like a benefits package. Some companies have medical check-up program, out-patient and in-patient hospital allowance.





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