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Medical Check Up for S Pass


Dear all,

A colleague, whose S Pass (as admin assistant) has in principle approval from MOM but she needs to go for a medical check up and HIV test to be submitted to MOM before the deadline submission (date indicated by MOM), otherwise the renewal S Pass will expire.

When she went to the clinic for the check up. She was found to have high blood pressure (BP) even staying at the clinic for 3 hours to retake numerous times of her BP but it was still very high.

The doctor do not want to issue the medical report.

Instead, the doctor send her back and put her on medication to lower her BP for the next two weeks or so before asking her to go back to the Clinic again for the check up before the doctor issue the medical report.

Reason given by the doctor was if he were to issue the medical report with the high BP, he will have to put her UNFIT for employment and it will affect her issuance of her renewal of her S Pass.

Is this fair to the company ? Or is it the norm practice of the Clinics or the doctor is dishonest. Clinics said this is their procedures to “fix” the problem before issuing the medical report.

Does MOM allowed this practice by the doctor or Clinic?

Appreciate your comments.






My advice will be to avoid this clinic in future.

Should you wish to settle this issue you should seek MOM advice.




It is normal for clinic to suggest medication if the patient's BP is high. They are not able to certify "FIT" if it is not. Usually the doctor will certify "FIT" if the patient's condition is stable after the medication.



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