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Medical Claims During Probation


Dear HR Practitioners,

Our Company re-hired an employee after she has resigned from the Company one year ago. Would she be considered as to be on probation again and does the Company need to reimburse outpatient medical claim when she re-join less than one month ? Appreciate your comments .





Normally, this should be consider as new employment, the employment contract should has mentioned about this kind of claim, reimbursement of outpatient medical claim during probation is normally at the discretion of the employer.





1. Any employee that is rehired will be treated as a new employee ie put on probation and treated
as any new employee in terms of staff benefits.

2. Our company policy allow staff on probation to claim for outpatient medical expenses provided they visit company doctor or govt polyclinics. However MC issued must be taken as no pay leave.





We recognize past length of service & no probation needed if the employee rejoin within 6 months from date left. Period of absence is treated as no pay leave, all benefits & compensation are pro-rated accordingly. Treated as new hire if rejoin after 6 months from date left.





Probation period is to evaluate the suitability of the employee. When an employee is re-hired, probation period is not need for such evaluation unless rehired in different department.





Whether a re-hired employee needs to undergo probation again will depends on the terms of the contract. And this is usually subject to the position the employee is re-hired for (e.g. similar position as previously or is it a different position) and if the employee is reporting to similar or another supervisor.

As for medical claim, my company provides for employees under probation to claim for outpatient medical expense, but an MC will have to be considered as Unpaid Leave/No Pay Leave, if they have less than 3 months of service.

Do note that under Employment Act, if an employee has served at least 3 months, the employer must bear the medical examination fees if the below conditions are met:

· It results in at least one day of paid sick leave, and

· It arises from a medical certificate given to employee by a medical practitioner from an approved public medical institution or appointed by your company.

Hope the above helps.



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