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Medical Leave for Chemotherapy


Hi HR Professionals,

How do you treat staff who has used up all medical & hospitalisation leaves for chemo treatment?






Hi IC,

Depending on your insurance coverage and the stage of the cancer and survival chances, an option is to keep the person on long term unpaid leave. This may provide insurance benefit to the NOK in the event of death.

This is from my experience. We provided a fixed unpaid leave period with discussion with employee, to review options at the end of each unpaid leave period, and made it certain that termination of employment was also being considered. The person returned to work on and off, in reduced capacity and role etc. before finally succumbing to the condition while remaining in employment. There was business disruption, but it was a direction the company wanted to take.

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Once the staff has used up all medical leave and hospitalization leaves for chemo treatment, we will allow staff to use her family or annual leave. Once all her leaves have been utilized, she will start to use unpaid leave.




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