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Medical Leave Recognised For Specialist Visit


Dear HR Professionals,

If an employee goes for specialist consultation visit/review e.g. at KKH for non-pregnancy related issues, do your company recognise the Medical leave if the employee is granted by the doctor?

Thank you in advance.




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We only recognise SL or HL from Company approved medical clinics/institution.




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If the doctor issued an outpatient leave, our Company will recognize as medical leave. If the doctor issued an excuse chit and staff return to work after the consultation, we will recognize as time off.




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We accept the medical certificate and will grant them sick leave.




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According to MOM guidelines, the Company needs to recognise the sick leave if 'your sick leave is certified by the company’s doctor, company-approved doctor or a government doctor (including doctors and dentists from approved public medical institutions)'. For your scenario, KKH provides a range of medical services including pregnancy-related service.




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As long as it's a valid Medical Certificate or Hospitalisation Leave Certificate, our company will accept it. Regardless of the purpose of the visit.