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Medical Reimbursement Amount


Hi HR Professional,

Please advise what is the current general medical reimbursement amount per year for employee? Does this medical reimbursement meant to cover the general flu, cough and fever conditions, etc only?

Does it cover consultation or laboratory investigation, ECG, etc (those who visited private clinics or polyclinics other than the for common flu, fever conditions)? Does it covers consultation charges only, without medication, etc ?

My company does not have the portable medical benefits for all staff.

Appreciate your advice.

Thank you.





Depending on the size of your company, you might want to consider getting group medical insurance which will cover the usual GP consultation as well as specialist and hospitalization benefits. Different insurers will have different type of coverage and you can also tweak the coverage to suit your needs.

My company uses a group medical scheme now. Many years ago, before we implemented group outpatient insurance, we gave employees a reimbursement limit of $750 per annum.




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