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Medisave reimbursement


Dear HR Community Subscribers,

We are a religious organisation and wish to better understand the industry practices on medical claims.

As we do not provide outpatient insurance cover for our employees, we therefore reimburse our staff based on certain limits.

However, we discovered that some of the medical bills presented have a portion already paid for by the employee's medisave.

So, my questions are:

1. Do you reimburse the medisave portion of your employee's medical bills?

2. If yes, do you give cash or put it back into their medisave account?

I would appreciate any information or advice.

Thank you




HR Poll: Do you reimburse the Medisave portion of your employee's medical bills?

Yes: 50.00%

No: 36.96%

Not sure: 13.04%


HR Poll: If yes, do you give cash or put it back into their Medisave

Cash: 31.25%

Medisave: 68.75%




$40 for GP clinic - Wendy

Payment for medical expenses using Medisave will be reimbursed back into their Medisave account and the portion using cash will be reimbursed in cash. - Adeline

Only for consultation if not covered under medical insurance. - Nathan

Outpatient insurance covers a wide range of panel GP, staff are to visit one of the clinics available. If not, a maximum reimbursement of $30 from the insurer is made available to staff. - Angel

Previously practiced by my ex-company. The Medisave portion definitely has to be reimbursed back to Medisave. - See

We buy medical insurance for our staff to meet both their inpatient and outpatient medical expenses. - Elaine

Capping at $500/-. - Hwang

We are on the medical insurance program. Before signing on to this program, we reimburse the portion to the employee's Medisave account directly. - Vanessa

Yearly limit. Will only cover consultation fees once the medical coverage limit is fully consumed. - Phoebe

Anything that is taken out of Medisave, needs to be put back to Medisave. Same as an insurance claim. Our company provides full medical reimbursement including outpatient. - Rozita

We reimburse 90% of staff medical expenses and 80% of their family's medical expenses up to a yearly limit. - Jalenese

We only reimbursed the cash portion. - Johnny

We have an agent, who support medical services, which your company can limit an amount payable to private GP, S$30, and any amount exceed $30 will be paid by the employees. This must be written in the Letter of Employment/Confirmation of Employment, depends on your HR Policy. This is a practice as we do have a number of foreign workers. HR can check on their diagnosis and MCs can be alerted if an employee has taken too much MC and etc. - SK

Reimburse the excess in cash which is not covered under Medisave. - Sharon

Insurance for hospital and reimbursement for outpatient - Aida

Full reimbursement if the staff did not hit the yearly limit. - Koh

Reimburse together with payroll - Wendy



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