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Mobile Phone Benefits


Dear HR Professionals,

How does the company reimburse the employee if they require you to use your personal phone during office hours? Can the employee reject to put their phone number in the name card if the company does not pay for the phone subscription etc?

Thank you.




Reply 1

If personal mobile is expected to be used for work purpose, the company should reimburse or subsidize the phone subscription in a reasonable way depending on usage. Only then would it be considered reasonable to ask the employee to put the mobile phone number on the name card.




Reply 2

You may consider a monthly mobile phone allowance or on reimbursement basis subject to a limit per month. If we wish for them to list their mobile phone number in the name card, the company should pay for it.




Reply 3

The best practice is to provide the employee with a business line and cover the expenses of the professional calls only. However, the company should define the limit of those calls to cut the headache and apply this as phone policy.




Reply 4

We pay our employee a monthly mobile allowance and their mobile number will be put in the
name card.