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No-Pay Leave


Dear all,

Our No Pay Leave is getting out of hand in our Company. Please advise if you have any suggestions or advice to control this. Any guidelines to curb?

Thank you.


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You may consider to deduct their bonus accordingly.


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Taking No Pay Leave will affect the AWS. Is this policy implemented?


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Our staff needs to exhaust whatever leave they have before applying for NPL and it is subject to RO's approval. ROs need to be educated, they can't just approve leave for the sake of approving. By applying NPL, their AWS and their benefits will be prorated, hence some staff will be cautious when applying NPL.


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My company’s practise for staff who consume no pay leave exceeding 7 days, there will be pro-ration of AWS and VB.


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In our Company policy, it is stated we are allowed 30 days unpaid leave. Unpaid leave is subjected to approval and exceeding the nos. of days will impact Performance Bonus/Merit Increment.


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We used to have such issue. Hence, employees are encouraged not to take no-pay leave in our company. We inform employees that their bonus would be affected should anyone takes unpaid leave. This matter got better over time.


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To manage millennials, and also older staff’s self-actualisation, some companies have started to offer no-pay leave for them to realise their potential. If the work can be managed, and there is low impact on operation, I think staff will appreciate that. However, company needs to set policies as to why staff are taking these leave, what they will do during the leave, what they intend to do after the leave, how does the leave benefit their current portfolio, and eventually the company. If however, company operations are severely affected, company should put a stop to no-pay leave unless staff has very good reason.


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Other than penalizing the staff, I think it is always good to find out the root cause of the problem. Otherwise, this will be a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself. Good to have some counselling session in place to show concern for this group of employees, and to find out exactly what issue they are facing.

Hwee Ting

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Do you have leave policy? This policy should have the guidelines and perimeters for all leave type. Hence, you can use that to approve and not approve no pay leave.


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It will be good to understand why the employees apply for NPL instead of AL. It must be educated to the employees that if NPL is taken instead of AL, AL will be and should be deducted first. There is no reason to take NPL if they still have outstanding AL.


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NPL affected both AWS and Bonus.

Ing Lai


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