Non-Working Day Pay

How do you calculate pay for work on a non-working day public holiday?

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Under the Employment Act, if an employee is required to work on a public holiday that falls on a non-working day (i.e. Saturday or Sunday), they are entitled to an extra day’s salary at the basic rate of pay.

This is also known as public holiday pay. To calculate public holiday pay, you can use the following formula: Daily rate of pay x 1.5 + 1 day’s salary

For example, if an employee’s daily rate of pay is $100 and they work on a public holiday that falls on a non-working day, their public holiday pay would be $100 x 1.5 + $100 = $250.

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OT calculation will depend on whether the employee is covered under Part IV of the Employment Act. – Ann

Shouldn’t it be $100 (base salary for that day) + $100 *for working on a PH) – MM

Public holiday pay is different from overtime pay. No need for a 1.5 times the rate unless the person works beyond the contractual hours on public holidays. Then 1.5 times. The public holiday rate is just the normal rate of pay for the day. – Jess

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