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Not using annual leave


Dear HR Practitioners,

We have an employee who applied for annual leave and it was approved.

However, she decided not to take the leave and failed to inform either HR or the management that she was not going on leave.

Now she is insisting that the annual leave which was deducted from her records be reinstated.

How would you handle such a situation?

Thank you





Dear Caroline,

As far as leave application matters are concerned, HR ensures proper documentation and records of staff leave matters based on data or information.

The onus is always on the staff to inform and update firstly her supervisor for accountability reasons via an email or WhatsApp whenever there is any change or update.

When the update or change has been verified by the supervisor i.e. that the staff did not follow procedure and cancel the approved leave, the supervisor has to inform HR about this.

And after HR confirms this with the supervisor and staff, the leave records are amended accordingly.

It should be reflected and communicated in the handbook that the staff is responsible for:

1. Anything pertaining to her leave matters e.g. application, cancellation;
2. Communicating and writing an email to her supervisor regarding the cancellation of her leave application;
3. Following-up with her supervisor on whether he concurs or endorses the application or cancelation;
4. Working alongside with her supervisor to inform and update HR about any changes and updates to her leave application.

Best regards




Dear Caroline,

Convey the information to the head of the department (HOD).

This will allow him or her to be involved in the decision concerning the employee.

Explain the policy and procedure with regards to annual leave, highlighting the reasons for the leave and the procedures.

The HOD and the employee should be encouraged to understand the use of annual leave and reasons for the deduction of annual leave.




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