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Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

Hi All,

In our company policy, the serving notice of termination/ dismissal is 1 month. If the last day falls at the beginning of the month and its weekend.

Do the company need to pay the additional 1 or 2 days salary? Or just take last Friday, as the last day of service? E.g. Termination letter gave out on 3-Aug-2018, if 1-month notice, last day will be 2-Sep-2018.



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Salary is paid based on working days. If the staff is on a 5-day workweek, and if his last day of employment is on Sun 2 Sep, his salary will be calculated up to Fri, 31 Aug (last work day for that calendar week).

Teck Yee

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If 2 September Sunday is a working day, you have to pay otherwise pay till August.


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It does not matter whether you take Friday as the last day of service or Saturday/ Sunday (non-working day), as you are only paying for working days in the month. You will not be paying extra even if the last day of service is Saturday/ Sunday. If you prefer, you can indicate Friday as the last day of service. There is no difference in salary payment.


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I think this depends on the work days of the said employee. If he works 5-day week (Mon to Fri), then he will not be paid salary on 1st and 2nd Sep (which are weekends and non working days to him) although his termination notice runs till 2nd Sep. However, his employment benefits, if any, such as medical, insurance etc will normally run until 2nd Sep though.


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The notice period is considered one month if employee has completed his/her probationary period. One month is considered full month including weekends, holidays and etc. The calculation is one for the full one month.



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