Notice Period for Short-Term Contract

We have an employee who has worked with us for a year and has just resigned. During the one-year term, he did serve a notice period.

Now we are going to hire him for another three months.

Do we still have to ask him to serve another notice period for the upcoming three-month contract?

We are a social service organisation.

Appreciate your views and comments.



Yes, unless otherwise stated in the contract or mutually agreed upon by both parties, it is typically expected to provide a notice period even for short-term contracts of 3 months. This allows both the employer and employee to prepare for the end of the contract and make necessary arrangements.

In your specific case, since the employee has already worked with your company for a year and completed a notice period for their previous resignation, it is advisable to clarify the notice period required for the new contract. This can be done through a discussion with the employee and by reviewing the terms of the contract.

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