NS Make-Up Pay

What is NS make-up pay?

Make-up pay is a term used to refer to the additional payment that an employee may receive when they have to work on a public holiday.

According to the Employment Act in Singapore, employees who are required to work on public holidays are entitled to an extra day’s salary at the basic rate of pay, in addition to the pay they would receive for working on that day.

This extra payment is commonly known as make-up pay.

Employers are required to pay make-up pay to their employees unless they are exempted from doing so under certain conditions.

In Singapore, National Service (NS) is mandatory for all male citizens and second-generation permanent residents.

When NSmen have to perform their NS duties during their work hours, they are entitled to make-up pay from their employers.

Make-up pay for NSmen is the payment that employers must provide to their NSmen employees for the hours they missed due to their NS duties.

According to the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), employers are required to pay NSmen employees their full salary for the first 10 days of NS training each year.

If an NSman is required to attend more than 10 days of NS training a year, employers are only required to pay him at least 50% of his salary for the additional days.

However, many employers choose to pay the full salary for the entire period of NS duties, as a way of showing support for NSmen and their contributions to the country.

Furthermore, NS make-up pay is the difference between civilian income loss and Service Pay, for the duration of a serviceman’s ORNS activity.

If the civilian income loss is lower than the service pay for each ORNS, no make-up pay will be payable

Two Types of NS pay

NSmen receive two types of NS pay during Operationally Ready National Serviceman (ORNS) activities:

Service Pay – based on the NSman’s rank and vocation for the training. It will be pro-rated based on the duration of the ORNS activity in which the employee participates.

Make-Up Pay – any loss in civilian income suffered by an NSman is claimable as Make-Up Pay from the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) or the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Implication for HR Executives

The implication of NS pay for HR professionals in Singapore is that they need to be aware of the regulations and guidelines set by the government regarding NS pay and its related policies.

One key implication is that HR professionals need to ensure that NS men receive their NS pay and benefits in a timely and accurate manner, in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

They need to be knowledgeable about the different types of NS pay and benefits, such as the monthly allowance, make-up pay, and the Completion Bonus, and be able to answer any queries that NS men may have.

In addition, HR professionals need to be familiar with the NS policies and regulations that affect their employees, such as the Employment Act and the National Service Act.

They need to understand how NS leave is calculated and how it impacts their employees’ entitlements, such as annual leave and medical benefits.

Overall, HR professionals in Singapore need to be well-versed in the policies and regulations surrounding NS pay and benefits and be able to effectively communicate and administer these policies to their employees.

This will help to ensure that NS men are appropriately compensated for their service, while also maintaining a positive employer-employee relationship.

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